What’s Victoria Culinary Underground about? Growing up in Victoria I remember eating at Red Robin’s, Moxie’s, Milestones and Earl’s. While my interest in food was developing I left for Vancouver and eventually the Kootenays, but every time I returned to visit my friends and families I noticed an evolution in Victoria’s food scene. There are chefs, bakers, coffee roasters, gin producers and craft brewers, and they all have interesting stores to tell. This blog tells the story behind Victoria’s culinary scene.

Who is writing this? I’m Megan Cole, a freelance journalist and communications consultant based in Victoria and Powell River, BC. I spent the past few years working in community news for Black Press in Fernie and Nelson, BC. During that time I covered everything from city council meetings to hockey games and tragic landslides, but whenever possible I tried to write stories about the food scene where I was. My passion for food – which began as a student at the University of Victoria – has continued to grow into an interest in craft brewing, artisan food products and food carts. I have had food related stories published in a variety of magazines. And in addition to food writing, you can also see my name under concert reviews in Exclaim!


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